Science is playing an essential role in the lives of students because the Education provided In schools include science as their main subject. There is the various scientists who worked day and night on signs to prove the laws. Every microorganism is living based on science and technology. The study of science includes numerous experiments and proficient knowledge about the facts the area of science is very worst. Nowadays, every person uses science to live a better life .due to its popularity today; many students are opting science as their main subjects and working on different technologies and reaching heights of success. Science is not just Science is not just a theoretical subject, but it includes lots of practical knowledge and skills. Science is an art as it requires lots of creativity to study the different aspects of science and technology.

Science is becoming a basic necessity as It is used at larger scale nationwide, so let’s discuss the area where science is used.

Schools and colleges: In secondary schools, students get a chance to study science subject as their main subject. If a student finds the subject science attractive, then they can continue their specialized skills in the field of science at higher secondary. Science has a vast knowledge of basic necessity and daily routine. Teaching science in schools helps the student to lead a simple and easy life as they tell the use of technology and electronic gadgets.

Business purpose: many businesses are based on modern technology so every business needs a detailed knowledge of science on higher profits and sales growth due to modernization and globalization the world is becoming very advance, so science has proved a God gift to survive in this competitive world Thanks to the scientists and inventors who introduced the subject science because it has made our lives more realistic and straightforward.

Scientific research: Silence is used at vast areas likewise scientifically study and has proven to be a ladder to reach the success in today’s world the countries are developing by doing a different kind of researches in different areas every scientist comes with a different idea and tries to prove its idea. The proven design is then included in the subject science. Today the science has made the work easier and helps in saving the time. Electronic gadgets and types of machinery are made by doing extensive research in the field of science. Introduction of mobile phones and airplanes are an example of scientific research.

Launching of Satellite: Every year, satellites are launched. By technological inventions and science, the scientists are working very hard to reach to the moon and different earth-like mars and Jupiter. Introduction of science helps the nation growth. Various missions are only possible with the help of science. Countries like United States, Japan, India, and many more doing their best in the field of space exploration. When we talk about space exploration, the first word that comes in our mind is NASA and ISRO. By the help of new inventions and new satellites, the world is increasing rapidly.